Controller Shorthands

In addition to some of the statement shorthands and model reference conveniences, Blueprint also offers a resource shorthand.

This aligns with Laravel‘s preference for creating resource controllers.

Instead of having to write out all of the actions and statements common to CRUD behavior within your controllers, you may instead use the resource shorthand.

The resource shorthand automatically infers the model reference based on the controller name. Blueprint will expand this to into the 7 resource actions with the appropriate statements for each action: index, create, store, show, edit, update, and destroy.

For example, the following represents the longhand definition of resource controller:

      query: all:posts
      render: post.index with:posts
      render: post.create
      validate: post
      save: post
      redirect: post.index
      render: with:post
      render: post.edit with:post
      validate: post
      update: post
      redirect: post.index
      delete: post
      redirect: post.index

Instead, you may generate the equivalent by simply writing resource.


By default, the resource shorthand generates the 7 web resource actions. Of course, you are welcome to set this explicitly as resource: web.

Blueprint doesn’t stop there. You may also specify a value of api. A value of api would generate the 5 resource actions of an API controller with the appropriate statements and responses for each action: index, store, show, update, and destroy.

You may also specify the exact controller actions you wish to generate by specifying any of the 7 resource actions as a comma separated list. If you wish to use the API actions, prefix the action with api..

The following examples demonstrates which methods would be generated for each of the shorthands.

# generate only index and show actions
resource: index, show

# generate only store and update API actions
resource:, api.update

# generate "web" index and API destroy actions
resource: index, api.destroy

While you may use this shorthand to generate these controller actions quickly, and update the code after, you may also combine the resource shorthand with any additional actions or even override the defaults.

The following example demonstrates the definition for controller which will generate the all 7 resource actions, plus a download action, and will use the defined statements for the show action instead of the shorthand defaults.

    resource: all
      respond: post
      query: comments
      render: with:post,comments